Monday, May 11, 2009

Offerman School in Joliet

Friends of Offerman School has formed to restore the historic one-room school in JOLIET TOWNSHIP.

Former graduates recalled the early days of the school during an open house hosted just before the school was sold to CenterPoint Properties.

They recalled helping the teacher, Mrs. Winifred Barra, keep the school in order. Most recalled how much fun they had skating on a frozen field at recess, and remembered how much they learned from each other.

CenterPoint agreed to community requests to save the school. It is now on wheels, waiting an appropriate home.

Students from Offerman School were consolidated into Laraway School, a new school just east of Offerman on Laraway Road.

The Friends of Offerman School visualize a restored school house where today's generation of students will experience an earlier time in American history first hand.