Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peotone's Will County Fair celebrates Agriculture, Community

The Will County Fair in Peotone, Illinois, concludes today.

The Fair is an annual end-of-summer tradition, dating back to 1903.  Farm families brought crops, livestock, quilts, jams, preserves, garden produce, and baked goods--among other hand-made or hand-raised items--to the fair to "compete" for a coveted Best of Show ribbon:
The Fair is a time to celebrate the end of summer, and the Exhibition Hall overflows with fruit and vegetables painstakingly raised throughout the spring and summer:

Will County 4-Hers  participating in livestock projects exhibit their livestock during the Will County Fair.  4-H is part of the University of Illinois Extension.  Will County 4-Hers involved in livestock production keep records of all expenses involved with raising their livestock, learn disease-control methods, and how to raise livestock for market.  
Will County 4-Hers then have the opportunity to sell their livestock at the Will County 4-H Auction:

Local businesses and politicians buy the animals, often far above market price.  

Kay Hoffman of Land 'n Lots Realty was honored this year during the 14th annual Will County 4-H Livestock Auction for her participation as a buyer and leading in the number of animals purchased from young 4-Hers.