Thursday, April 22, 2010

Midewin Heritage Association Promotes Understanding of Natural History of Midewin land

The Midewin Heritage Association offers citizens the chance to assist the US Forest Service in documenting the history of the land that is now the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.

According to the Association's website: "The purpose of the Midewin Heritage Association is to promote an understanding of the rich cultural and natural history of the land which today is Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie; along with those surrounding areas having a historical connection to this land. To this end, the organization assists the U.S. Forest Service in researching, documenting, recording and preserving the various aspects of Midewin’s past. We also assist in the presentation and interpretation of those historical and cultural records of Midewin’s history, and its significance. We encourage the support and development of local, state, and national programs promoting the understanding of the history of Midewin. And we hope to foster partnerships for the mutual benefit of organizations, agencies, local units of government and individuals concerned with the history of Midewin and the surrounding area. If you see a value to these goals, now is the time to join the Midewin Heritage Association."

According to the Midewin Heritage Association's website, current projects include:

"Heritage Workdays: Our scheduled workdays for 2010 include farmstead restoration and recording bunkerglyphs.

Oral History Recorder: Interview (or transcribe interviews of) people who had families who farmed on Midewin or who worked at the Joliet arsenal.

Archivist: We have many documents/artifacts to sort through and catalog."

If you would like to get learn more about the group, or get involved, there are contact numbers and activity calendars at the Midewin Heritage Association's website: 

If you are interested in exploring and documenting the cultural and natural history of the land that is today the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie---from prairie to family farms to Joliet Arsenal to Midewin--the Midewin Heritage Association might be the place for you!