Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eagle Wind Solar Power, locally-owned small business at Will County Fair

Eagle Wind Solar Power at the Will County Fair

Eagle Wind Solar Power was at the Will County Fair reaching out to citizens who may be interested in learning more about solar and wind power.  Eagle Wind Solar Power is a business based in Pembroke Township in Kankakee County that builds and installs wind turbines, such as the one seen below, and also installs solar panels and does home energy assessments.

Wind turbine at Eagle Wind Solar Power's display at the Will County Fair.

Debbie Michniak, co-owner of Eagle Wind Solar Power along with Richard Michniak and Tony Perry--said her company currently is seeking grants and other funding opportunities in order to expand.  "Lisa Dugan and Toi Hutchinson have been trying to help us," Michniak said.

Eagle Wind Solar Power is currently employing students from St. Anne and Kankakee High School through the "Put Illinois to Work" program.  Michniak said the students are learning valuable skills, such as, "how to cut fins for wind turbines, how to install turbines and solar panels, how to provide customer service and how to go to customers' homes and do home analysis of the customers' energy needs."    Michniak said they do not want to have to let the students go, but, "we need the funds to keep the kids employed."

Michniak said her company's main goal is to educate interested citizens about wind and solar energy and provide a way for people to "become energy independent and be their own ComEd."

Michniak and her partners are searching for more funds in order to both expand their current business and also expand to making their own solar panels.  Despite challenges raising funds, she said, "We're going to just keep persevering, the kids are so eager to learn."