Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halvorson sign defaced, Cedra Crenshaw sign cut up, disturbing trend

First a Debbie Halvorson sign was defaced on Rt. 45 in Kankakee County.

Now a Youtube video shows a Cedra Crenshaw sign cut up and dumped in a ditch:

This is ridiculous.  The elections are obviously very highly contested this year, but it is wrong to deface or destroy anyone else's property, period.  We have received reports from numerous other campaigns in the area that signs were stolen, knocked-down, or otherwise tampered with.

Is this the work of a few bad apples?  Teenagers having "fun"?  Maybe. 

The point is regardless of how you are going to vote in the election, we are all citizens of this area and need to do our part to maintain law and order.