Monday, December 20, 2010

Will County Antique Guide

I love antiques!

From watching American Pickers on the History Channel to driving across Will County to attend auctions, I love seeing items from the past.

Will County is home to two auction companies that regularly hold auctions.

First, Jerry Rossen auctions holds auctions about twice a month at the Will County Fair Atrium building in Peotone, Illinois.  Here is a short video I did of some of the action at a Jerry Rossen auction!:

The other Will County Auction house that I know of is Chamblee's Auctions in Rockdale, Illinois.

Both list their auctions on You can view photos of items to be auctioned in order to decide whether you want to attend the auction.

You can also use the auctionzip site to search for auctions near you.

As far as Antiques shops go, there are several Antique stores in downtown Wilmington, Illinois on Water Street.

A little farther south on Historic Rt. 66, in Braidwood, Illinois, you will find Second Time Around Antique Market.

There are also several more antique and resale shops throughout Will County.