Saturday, October 13, 2012

B3 and No Build Chosen for Illiana Expressway

The Illiana Expressway planners met this week in Peotone, identifying two options to continue forward: 
  • Building the expressway designed to link Interstate 55 in Illinois with Interstate 65 in Indiana along a route running roughly from Wilmington to Peotone
  • Or, consider a no action.
The final Tier 1 Corridor Planning Group/Technical Task Force meeting was held Oct. 9, 2012 at the Will County Atrium.
A graphic presentation of the comparison by the Illiana Planning Team between routes is posted. Go here--- for a full report. 

Interactive Map of the B3 Corridor----HERE.
According to the website, a formal announcement will be made in November or December of the preferred actions. 
        The presentation by the study committee calls Corridor B3 best for:
       • Attracting cars and trucks to the Illiana
       • Reducing E-W regional travel hours
       • Reducing trucks on Study Area local roads
       • Serving intermodal truck freight distribution

According to the presentation, B3 and no action are the suggested alternatives to be carried forward to the Tier 2 review.
The Illiana Study Team recommendation for the Preferred Alternative(s)   will be reviewed for concurrence by environmental resource agencies. The Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement is expected to be released before the end of the year.