Sunday, November 4, 2012

Illiana Tollway Protest

Opponents of the Peotone Airport and the Illiana Expressway met to protest plans for the Illiana Expressway, calling it "Illiana Neosprawl".  In October 2012, the Illiana Planning Team announced corridor "B3" and a "No Build" option would continue forward for further study.  The B3 corridor travels from near Lowell, Indiana to Wilmington, Illinois and passes through a mapped "South Suburban Airport".    The protest took place outside State Senator Toi Hutchinson's office in Olympia Fields.  Hutchinson introduced legislation allowing for quick take eminent domain for a public-private Illiana Expressway.

Protest Against the Peotone Airport and the Illiana Expressway
Symerton landowner whose farm would be affected by the Illiana B3

Anthony Rayson of STAND then gave a statement condemning the proposed Illiana as an engine of sprawl in Southern and Eastern Will County: