Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joliet Immigrant Detention Center Public Forum

By Ann Baskerville

JOLIET--Hundreds packed the Our Lady of Mount Caramel Parish Hall on Joliet's East Side tonight to begin organizing efforts against a possible immigrant detention center in Joliet, Illinois.

Town Hall Meeting on the Joliet Immigrant Prison
A priest and a representative from the Diocese of Joliet quoted scripture while citizens who organized a successful campaign against a private, for-profit immigrant detention center in Crete, Illinois told the crowd, "We are with you" and "Si, se puede" to a standing ovation.
Signs against the Crete and Joliet Immigrant Detention Centers
Pastor Craig Purchase spoke out against an immigrant detention center, saying: "we in the black community should not tolerate this issue."  Purchase said at one point he did not hold the position he had now because he had not yet put himself in the shoes of an undocumented person.  Purchase said when you really understand this issue, it's a "no brainer."  Purchase went on to say we live in a society where African-Americans and whites have been told the "brown people are taking your jobs," but really, "our jobs are in China":

A woman discusses her experience in a Detention Center and the stress that experience placed on her children: