Monday, March 10, 2014

Illiana Expressway Tier Two Hearing in Wilmington

Landowners in the B3 Illiana Expressway Corridor meet with land acquisition representatives at the Tier Two Illiana Expressway Public Meeting and Hearing in Wilmington, Illinois, February 2014

Poster about possible road closures due to the Illiana Expressway

Videos of citizens who spoke at the public hearing on the Tier Two Environmental Impact Statement for the Illiana Expressway:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

Part Seven:

Part Eight:

Part Nine:

Part Ten:

Part Eleven:

Part Twelve:

Part Thirteen:

Part Fourteen"

Part Fifteen:

Part Sixteen:

Part Seventeen:

Part Eighteen:

Part Nineteen:

Part Twenty:

Part Twenty-One:

Part Twenty-Two:

Part Twenty-Three:

Part Twenty-Four:

Part Twenty-Five:

Part Twenty-Six: