Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silver Cross Building to be used for Veterans, Halvorson announces


Braidwood American Legion Commander Jim Canup reported today that the Silver Cross Hospital facility in Joliet is headed for use by the Veteran’s Administration for area vets.

Canup was called by U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson with the good news: “We’ve got the deal on Silver Cross,” Canup said.

“It’s going to be like a super mega clinic. It’s going to have everything outpatient-- psychiatry, a women’s center, rehabilitation, outpatient surgery. It’s really a big deal. It’s everything short of a hospital,” Canup said.

Canup said that today's announcement by Halvorson is important because it means the VA is moving forward with efforts to establish the clinic at Silver Cross.  It is reported that those negotiations are continuing.