Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesse Jackson at Homegoing Celebration for Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Joliet

by ann baskerville

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is speaking now at the Homegoing Celebration for Civil Rights Leader The Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton.

Watch online now:

Jesse Jackson came to Joliet to honor Singleton, a man who marched with Dr. King.  Jackson came from Madison, Wisconsin where he participated in labor rallies and is headed back to Madison to speak to a group of Madison East High School students tomorrow.

Jackson honored The Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton and his tireless work for justice.

Here is a historic photo of the Revs. Singleton and Jackson from 1974.

Jackson said of Singleton, "he never missed a chance to fight for justice.  It's not enough to say he fought the good fight....cuz, really, it ain't finished...This is a comma, not a period.  Tomorrow we get up on our journey to keep the Singleton dream alive."

"We thank God for the life of the Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton....For every picket line he walked, for every hand he held out...for every head that leaned on his shoulder, we thank God for him tonight"