Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warehouse Workers for Justice will support workers marching to demand billing and payment records at Reliable Staffing in New Lenox, Illinois

The group Warehouse Workers for Justice, a group in Will County that meets at Sacred Heart Church in Joliet, has released a press release, read the entire press release:

"Temp warehouse workers take action over missing wages
Reliable Staffing workers demand improved conditions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 18, 2011

Press contact:  Abraham Mwaura, Warehouse Workers for Justice: 312.775.2154
Chris Williams, Attorney WHLC: 312.795.9115

Who:  Employees of Reliable Staffing agency, local clergy and community supporters

  Employees of Reliable Staffing agency will attempt to collect billing and pay records from the temp staffing agency.  Workers have complained about problems with their pay to the company and delivered written requests for records from the company but have not received records they are entitled to by law.  A community delegation will be there to support employees claiming thousands of dollars in owed back wages.

When:  Monday, February 21 at 11 a.m.

Where:  14422 Edison Dr # A, New Lenox, IL

Visual:  Workers and community supporters will march in to demand billing and payment records that would serve as proof of wage theft.

Workers at Reliable Staffing in New Lenox, IL are fighting for wages still owed to them after the Christmas season.  Several warehouse workers employed by the agency at area warehouses approached Warehouse Workers for Justice for assistance when they discovered that they had not been paid for all the wages they were due.

"The checks were always short," said Robert Hines, who worked as a Reliable employee at the WalMart warehouse in Elwood.  "When I asked a supervisor about it they told me that they don't handle that and gave me the run around.  I worked hard for peanuts."

A delegation of Reliable employees, joined by community supporters, will confront Reliable about work place abuses and make a final attempt to get copies of their billing and payment records.  Workers believe these records will prove that they were shorted hours, not paid their legally owed show up pay, not paid overtime and in some cases were paid less than the legal minimum wage. 

The workers have joined in delegations of warehouse workers who have been going to Springfield to demand fair wages and an end to the perma-temp system in Will County warehouses.  A report released last year showed that 63% of workers in Will County warehouses are temps, earning poverty wages with few benefits."

Will County News called Reliable Staffing in order to get their response.  Will County News left a message and asked Reliable Staffing to call back with their response.  If you are from Reliable Staffing and reading this, you can also email your response to:

UPDATE: In a Herald-News article regarding this issue--"The group said the requested records will prove Reliable employees were underpaid, not paid overtime and, in some cases, were paid less than the legal minimum wage.

But Reliable CEO Dan Gallagher said that is not true.
He said he has extensive records that show “every minute and every piece of work the individual did.” The problem isn’t his company’s pay system, it’s unproductive workers, he said. He also said he would be willing to spend a half hour with any employee who had payroll questions."