Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tractors and farmers arrive in Madison, Wisconsin, tens of thousands protest Walker's budget bill

The tractors have arrived in Madison, Wisconsin and are circling the capitol:

The Wisconsin Farmers Union organized a tractorcade to Madison in order to protest Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill.   In a press release, the Wisconsin Farmers Union said:

“Much has been said about billionaires or union ‘bosses’ calling the shots about what happens with this legislation,” said WFU President Darin Von Ruden, a Westby-area dairy farmer. “The drive for this tractorcade and rally came directly from farmers and is being done under farmers’ direction.”

“Our grass-roots farmers say it’s wrong to take away things like BadgerCare and destroy our public schools when that doesn’t really have to be done,” said FFD Executive Director John Peck.

Family farmers say the bills would potentially take BadgerCare from the approximately 11,000 family farm people who depend upon BadgerCare as their primary health insurance, and that the bills will destroy rural schools.

Farm Labor Tractorcade organizers are inviting participants and supporters to wear green during the tractorcade and rally to reflect the event’s grass-roots nature."