Saturday, March 12, 2011

"We have tractors" on the square in Madison, Wisconsin, Photos, Videos of Farmers Protesting Budget Repair Bill

This is the first YouTube video I could find of the tractor parade around the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. The tractors came to Madison through the organization of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Family Farm Defenders. Both groups came out to protest Gov. Walker's Budget Repair bill, saying it is bad for Rural America.

More video of tractors circling the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin on 3/12/11:

A representative from Family Farm Defenders says the purpose of the tractorcade is to show how the budget repair bill affects Rural America. He said Walker is attacking school funding and Badger care. The representative from Family Farm Defenders said 11,000 Wisconsin farmers are on Badgercare and will lose it due to the Budget Repair Bill:

Check out this great video of the Tractorcade on