Monday, April 11, 2011

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers from Joliet!

Did anyone else do a double-take when Mike Wolfe of American Pickers just said he was from Joliet?

Wolfe has previously explained he grew up poor in Joliet, where he began his career finding bikes and other items in the trash and reselling them.

Maybe newly-elected mayor Tom Giarrante and the City of Joliet could get some sort of financing deal available to bring an Antique Archeology store to downtown Joliet.   There are too many beautiful buildings sitting under utilized.  An Antique Archeology--in my opinion--would bring a great amount of foot traffic downtown, creating an environment where more people would go downtown to shop.  Plus it would draw shoppers from Chicago, producing more customers for downtown shops and restaurants.

What do you think?  A Joliet branch of Antique Archeology to anchor the new shops planned for the downtown Joliet intermodal high-speed rail station?

There is so much history in and around Joliet, from the Joliet Arsenal to Will County's agricultural heritage, an Antique Archeology would be an awesome place to celebrate that history.