Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Splash Station offers Groupon!

During the April 2011 Joliet Mayoral and City Council race, Spalsh Station generated much discussion.  Views ranged from:

"The city can't afford a water park with a 27 million dollar budget deficit!"


"Kids and families need something to do!  If Joliet can't even keep a water park running, how can we provide good quality of life!"


"We built it using casino money, it was a good investment in our community."


"Is it a good use of money to build a water park in a climate where you can only go swimming 4 months out of the year?"


"The city can't sell it because it is not profitable."

Well, today I opened my Daily Groupon email and found I had an offer for a Groupon to Splash Station.   Groupon was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune business section in an article that discussed Groupon's possible IPO later this year.  The company is valued at billions of dollars.

The Splash Station Groupon allows you to buy 2 adult passes for 10 dollars, a 26 dollar value, or 2 child passes for 8 dollars, an 18 dollar value.

If you were planning on taking a trip to Splash Station this summer, you may want to take advantage of this Groupon.

I think it's really great to see Joliet get in on the Groupon action!  Normally, the Groupons I receive are for towns North of Joliet, and with gas prices the way they are, I don't normally take advantage of those offers.  I think it's really great to see Joliet get in on the Groupon action!

UPDATE:  As of 7:35 p.m., 2,615 people have purchased Groupons for Joliet's Splash Station--sweet!