Thursday, February 23, 2012

Illiana Expressway B3 Route Discussed at Public Meeting

UPDATE 2: April 2013 Public Meetings on Tier Two of the Illiana Corridor Study

UPDATE: The Illiana Corridor Planning Team has proposed two additional corridors alternatives,one of which passes just south of Manhattan, Monee, and University Park, Illinois.  This A3S2 alignment, below in red, also passes north of Elwood, Illinois and Beecher, Illinois.  There is a public meeting regarding which alignment will be chose on JULY 31, 2012 at Peotone High School:

View Recommended Corridors A3S2, B3, B4 Interactive Map in a larger map

These 2 new corridors, along with the originally recommended B3, above in green, will be studied by the planning team.  The public may submit comments to the Illiana Planning Team here.

The first public meeting in Illinois on the Illiana Corridor since Route B3 was advanced as the preliminary recommendation was held tonight, February 23, 2012.

Representatives from the Illinois Department of Transportion, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and consultants hired to work on the project spoke with the public.

Here are some photos of the meeting and also of the map of the B3 Illiana Route:
Inspecting a large map of Illiana Corridor Routes at the February 23, 2012 public meeting

Route B3 selected as preliminary recommendation for Illiana Expressway

Map of Illiana Routes near the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, including B3 in green

B3 Illiana Corridor Route near Peotone, Illinois and Route 50
Map of Illiana B3 Route near Lowell, Indiana
Map of Illiana Corridor B3 running south of Beecher, Illinois 
Map of Illiana Corridor showing the B3 route in relation to the proposed "South Suburban Airport", also known as the Peotone Airpot.  As a side note, for more on the Peotone Airport, go here.
Map of Illiana Corridor B3 passing State Route 45/52  
Map of Illiana Corridor B3 west of 45/52 as if shifts north of Peotone-Wilmington Road

Map of Illiana Corridor B3 north of Symerton and south of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Illiana Expressway B3 route passing through Wilmington, Illinois
Video of the question and answer session where the public asked questions regarding: financing of the Illiana, Illiana land acquisition process, how landowners will be approached and compensated, Water's Edge subdivision, Wilmington, and more: